PATIENT HISTORY When Nichole first came to see me, she was a healthy 34 year mother of two. She lived a very healthy lifestyle, carefully selecting a non-refined food diet of organic proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. She is an avid runner and takes no prescription medicines.
CHIEF COMPLAINTS Debilitating migraine every 30 days, starting after the birth of her second child. Severe (and embarrassing) eczema around eyes that was intensely itchy, dry and scaly.
TREATMENT/ DIAGNOSTICS After reviewing her diet and nutritional deficiencies with SpectraCell's MNT testing, we focused on repletion of a zinc deficiency. Nichole's migraines subsided almost immediately – she had only one major migraine after starting the zinc supplement and she had been migraine-free for over two years. Within about 30 days, the eczema got much better – less itchy and less inflamed. After 6 weeks, it was completely gone.
NICHOLE'S COMMENTS Before I saw Dr. Grabowski, my primary care physician had suggested Topamax, a prescription drug I would take for the rest of my life to prevent migraines. I also went to a dermatologist in Houston. He didn't ask a thing about my lifestyle, what I ate – anything like that. He looked at my inflamed eyelid and wrote a prescription for a steroid cream and said this will alleviate the itching. I asked "what could cause something like this?" and after he seemed visibly annoyed by the question, responded with something like "lots of things, here's your prescription." I left furious. Then, I called Dr. Grabowski. He has a totally different (and effective) approach to medicine. Dr. Grabowski talked to me about my diet and noticed that I ate a lot of whole grains, including wheat. He reviewed my micronutrient test results with me and started me on a good zinc supplement to correct my zinc deficiency. And also we talked about sensitivity to gluten. What a stark contrast to the conventional what's-wrong-here's-a-prescription mentality that permeates our healthcare system. Dr. Grabowski gets it.